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That ending… You can’t beat that! 

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For Mac users: I had to make it executable (chmod -R +x /path/to/ before it would run. It doesn’t have its file permissions properly set.

Exactly the kind of game I was hoping for! Just awesome!


The game is so wonky and fun. Looking forward to finishing it, but here's as far as I've gotten so far!

loved this game buddy.

I had a great time playing it.

Thank you for making this wonderful game.

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Potato Thriller is an instant modern-day classic. I can honestly say, without a doubt, this is a masterpiece even among games of the highest caliber. This game has the best writing that I have ever seen in a game. It is so emotionally compelling and beautiful, yet still keeps a comedic tone. In fact, the writing was so good, that sometimes I forgot that the characters weren't real. The combat was incredibly fleshed-out and fluid, and the enemies were diverse and well designed. Potato Thriller also has the best overall video game soundtrack that I've ever heard, which really immerses you in the game. Additionally, the graphics are phenomenal and groundbreaking in the genre. I don't even have to say anything to prove this point, just look at the game.

Overall, Potato Thriller is a solid 10/10, and well-worth the purchase.


When I downloaded the game it downloaded a notepad fil

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Funny as hell, but if you aren’t careful the jumpscares can get you.


beautifully weird 100/10