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✨🎉Celebrating 10 years of Snowconesolid Productions game studio!🎉✨

🎇✨🎉 The Samer Khatib Legacy collection celebrates 10 years of Snowconesolid Productions Game Studio and features some of Samer Khatib's oldest, earliest and rarest games ever made dating all the way back to 2012. The games featured in this collection were once thought to be forever lost and some have never been seen or played before. Before titles such as Samer Hills, Potato Thriller, and, Giraffe Town - A trail of janky, low quality, and amateur level games were left behind. Dive into the history of Snowconesolid Productions and see how it all started with this retro collection of games by Samer Khatib!

🎇✨🎇 Collection includes🎇✨🎇

   🔴  (2012) Almond Hill - Your cat Almond has gone missing in a creepy town!

   🔴 (2012) Kokoh Gear Meal - Winter is coming. A bear must find food & prepare for hibernation!

   🔴 (2012) Moonlight Mountains - Build a rocket ship and head to the moon to rescue the princess!

   🔴 (2013) Forest Soup - Hunt for ingredients in an eerie place to make soup for a monster!

   🔴 (2014) HideNSeek Winter - Adventure through the infinite snow world to rescue your sister from a demon!

🎇🎊🎉Game Features 🎉🎊🎇

   🎉✅ Janky controls.

   🎉✅ Terrible camera systems.

  🎉✅ Horrid, low-quality graphics, and 3d models.

  🎉✅ Poor to mediocre gameplay.

   🎉✅ Games created by a younger amateur dev who has a real passion for video games.

- The Samer Khatib Legacy Collection™ -
© 2020 Samer Khatib (Snowconesolid Productions) LLC
Games By Samer Khatib (Snowconesolid)


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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